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Thoughts on AI

AI will never be a black and white argument. As with any tool, I believe AI can be useful when used properly, but should not be used to replace a human artist completely. With that said, do not all artists use everything they have seen or read or experienced to inspire and build the art they output? Do not artists STUDY other artists and in one way or another absorb techniques that heavily influence their own art? Or even attempt to copy those techniques themselves? It is when an artist’s output too closely resembles another’s that infringement is broached. AI is doing only what it has been taught to do. It is doing what we ourselves do. We “steal” ideas from each other all the time, interpreting and combining them to hopefully create something new and amazing. With AI, we will reap what we sow and it will be a struggle to keep up. Editing existing laws and drafting new ones to protect artists’ creative work and livelihoods will always lag far behind the things we fight against.

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